Who we are

We are a team of technologists working on the frontier of educational technology. Our team has worked at companies like @reetool, @wonder, @segment, @attio, @n8n, @marleyspoon and @solarisbank

Why are we building Trana?

All of us are dedicatedly excited about technologies, products & interfaces that help human cognition to migrate into higher-level and more creative tasks.
 We have seen and contributed to the revolution of no-code and user-centric product design. Yet, educational software seemed to have overslept that revolution. Let's change that.

How are we building Trana?

Do not be opinionated. We are building a system that is flexible by default. We are not opinionated on what you can build with Trana.

Curate everything. Trana is built on the paradigm of curation. Whilst you are flexible in what you create, the purpose of a system like Trana is to curate and structure content as it is easier to process for the human brain. "All curation grows until it requires search. All search grows until it requires curation." Ben Evans

Integrate everywhere. We all have a toolstack we already use. We don’t want to replace the tools you already love. We integrate seamlessly.

Personalize to the max. We are all different sets of learners, receptive to different ways of learning and different areas of topics. Therefore, we are building Trana with a strong approach to personalization.

Supported by people we admire including

Trana is backed by top investors from across venture capital and tech.

Individual investors and partners
Koen Bok
Founder & CEO
Andreas Klinge
Investor & Advisor
Hopin, Clubhouse, Remote
Guillaume Pousaz
Founder & CEO
Torben Schulz
Founder & COO
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