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Trana is a collaborative workspace to onboard new teammates, educate customers, monetize knowledge — and so much more.
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Create learning workspaces
your team will enjoy using.

Easy Roles & Permissions
Easily invite new editors, learners and guests to your workspace. Build teams or publish to the web.
Progress Tracking
Use extended progress-tracking to write success-stories with your learners.
Flexible Creation
Build whatever you have in mind. Our editor is built for creative freedom and supports your favorite tools.
Quizzes and Questionnaires with full control
Create engaging training-methods your users will love.

Easy to use.
Powerful under the hood.


Bring flows to your workspace and boost engagement

Easy Sharing
Share courses & lessons seamlessly within your application or website.
Cohort Training
Create maximum engagement via cohort based trainings. Schedule dates & integrate live trainings.
Analytics. Receive valuable insights into your workspace
Teams. Create dedicated teams within Trana to deliver personalized experiences
Ecommerce. Monetize your courses via our stripe integration
Markdown and HTML Import. Easily import your existing content via Markdown & HTML imports
Custom URL. Customize your workspace and set up a custom domain
SSO. To enable a seamless experience with your existing team or clients
API & Webhooks. Build powerful workflows into your current toolstack
Multiple Workspaces. For working with several instances of learner-groups

 with your tools

Integrate the toolstack you already use. Connect your trainings via discord or host live-traingings via Zoom.
Connect your favorite apps with Zapier
Google Calendar
Sync calendars and send invites
Connect to a server and engage with your community
Code Sandbox
Start coding inside of trana via CodeSandbox's IDE
Embed loom videos into lesssons
Sync contacts and properties via Salesforce
Connect threads and set custom notifications
Create Zoom events within Trana